Central American Whintosser is one of the bizarre creatures told by the lumberjacks of the emerging America of the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Desertion Edit

The Central American Whintooser has a triangular body with a swivel neck and a short tail. It is a small beast and has the ability to spin round a hundred times a minute.

It has three sets of legs which help it to stabilize itself during earthquakes which are very frequent in the region.

Origins Edit

A really wierd case of Evolution, or something form the invisible world.

Abilites Edit

These legs are positioned all around its body enabling it to walk upside down, sideways and on the ground. The fur is bristly and forms a triangular shape. This animal causes much trouble to man and is difficult to

Hunting Edit

The only known way to destroy the creature is to trap it in a fume pipe. In this pipe, the Whintosser will walk in all directions and tear itself apart. But Avert your eyes! The parts of the whintosser running about will cause so much eye stian, you'll spilt in the about.

Taste Edit

It's salty with a hint of buffalo