A Hodag is a fearsome creature. It has long horns, and spikes on it's back and tail. It lives in the swamps.

Origins Edit

No one is stupid enough to ask one.

Abilities Edit

Can run a fast as a horse, can swim like a fish,more angered then a bull with rabies, almost everything proof skin, and a the strongest bite in the animal kingdom.

Pray to God if your ever chased by this thing, as you will be seeing pearly gates soon.

Weakness Edit

Lemons, hates the smell of them. Not the whole friut, so a reef of lemons won't work, but rubbing lemon halfs all over your self will work.

Tears Edit

Despite what some people say, hodags do cry. Just very rarely. There tears are that of a crystal, and are wher used by the Indions as jewelry. They dissolve in lemon juice, but mixed with lemonade makes a Amazing cup of lemonade. Rather pucker though...