Snallygaster Edit

A Big dragon like Critter with a vultures head which is caked with dirt and blood ,swelled head with a sharp iron beak, and eagles feet with sharp iron talons.

Origins Edit

Some German in the Hills of Massachusetts and Maryland say that it came when a witch made a sow lay an egg and out came the snallygaster. Others say that it's a vulture dragon. As for me, I don't really know...

Abilities Edit

Flight for one, and a mouth full of swarming tentacles that suckers drain the blood form the poor Man that got tangled up in there.IT would the eat the corspe in it iron beck. It also has acute nightvison and smell.

Weakness Edit

They are foe some reason, are afaid of seven stars of Davids, and other 5 pointed stars.

Taste Edit

A pill of cow manure would taste better then the flesh of a snally gaster, but scrambled snallygaster egg is one of the best things i ever ate.